8 fun things to do in Minsk, Belarus


The capital of Belarus, Minsk is a densely populated city nurturing greenery with its broad immaculate parks. There are many green spaces around the Svislotch River. Minsk has had a troubled history owing to the devastation that accompanied the Second World War. The whole city was bomb shelled and was left in tatters by the 1950s. Nevertheless, the city and its residents picked up their lost hopes and stitched a new Minsk with wide boulevards and Stalin style buildings.

If you plan to set out gallivanting on the streets on Minsk, you could cover the below places and muse your traveler’s nerve!

Sts. Simon and Helena Church, or Red Church


The church is colloquially famed as the Red Church. It was built to commemorate the premature death of two young children – Simon and Helena Wojnilowicz, descendants of a Belarusian aristocratic family. Neo-Gothic in architecture, it was completely expropriated in 1923 and was restored to its essence and purpose in 1990. It now continues to be a significant center house of social, cultural and religious life in Minsk.

Bolshoi Opera and Ballet Theatre of Belarus


Constructed in 1939, it was a marvel architecture, reflecting grandiose in its structure. It was reduced to rubble when bombed during the Second World War. The reconstruction saga began and Bolshoi Opera again became a monument of significance and opulence. The interiors are done intricately using natural materials like marble, granite and pearl stones. The grandeur is enhanced by the crystal chandeliers of the 1950s style, ceiling paintings and luxurious drapery.

To enjoy the lavish ambiance of this place, book advance tickets for the opera or ballet performances – Swan Lake ballet being one of the most popular ones.

Nezavisimosti Avenue


Minsk has had a troubled past; with all its buildings being smothered to brick and mortar during the Second World War. The city was resurrected in Stalin’s empire style: broad and grand boulevards decorated with imperial grandeur buildings. As you stroll down the Nezavisimosti Avenue – you’ve an array of public spectacles to visit. Start from the Red Church to Pobedy (Victory) Square and see the Government House, City Council, KGB Headquarters, Post Office, ‘GUM’ the department store, Palace of the Republic, House of Officers, and the Residence of the President, among the others. The main Post Office is situated at the starting edge of Nezavisimosti Avenue.

Temple-monument of All Saints


An ornate orthodox temple, 74 meters in height, located at the intersection of Kalinowski and All Saints streets is the All Saints Temples. A part of this sacred monument serves as a burial site of three unidentified soldiers who died in the battles of three wars – the War of 1812, World War I and World War II. It is visited by tourists to pay tribute to the martyrs of all wars and revolutions, to those who were repressed and relocated during such difficult times. In the crypt of the church, there is a collection of soil from all places of battles and burials – keeping in memory their lives sacrificed for nation and brotherhood.

Minsk arena

Minsk arena

A Belarusian contemporary architecture, the Minsk arena is the Europe’s biggest complex of cultural and sports facilities. It was inaugurated in January 2010 with the Second KHL, All-Star Game. This multiplex has an arena, a velodrome, a skating stadium and multilevel car parking facilities. It also hosts various large scale exhibitions, shows, concerts and forums and witnesses a healthy crowd for each event. In May 2014, the Minsk Arena held the 2014 Ice Hockey World Championships World.
A followup tourist place would be the Drodzy – a recreation terrain, where you walk in the woods and plunge into the luke warm waters of the swimming pools.

Kupala park and Loshitsa Park



Minsk is  abundant on parks and greenery.There are a multitude of them to choose, we suggest you spend some swell time at the Janka Kupala park, after having visited the Bolshoi theater. The other place you could stroll and muse at is the Loshitsa Park. It is a spectacle during the autumn season. Now expropriated, the Loshita estate was residence to many historical figures of importance. The picturesque park is home to a variety of exotic plants. Locals and tourists visit the residence-museum where once noble families held theater and poetry evenings. You could also see photographers trying to capture the essence of the park with their gadgets.

National Library of Belarus


A glittering 23-storey gigantic diamond is the National Library of Belarus. It is a warehouse of the rarest and finest books from ancient to present times. This unique quaint architecture marvel was completed in 2006. For the book-mongers, this building is heaven on earth. The original works of Francysk Skaryna, an outstanding writer and a figure of importance in the Belarusian history, are found at this library. It also cradles 10 originals of the Bibles published in the early 16th century. For those who need a respite from the geek vibe inside, escape to the viewing platform on top of the building offering you panoramic views of the varied terrains of Minsk.

Victory Square

Victory Square

Victory Square square is located at the center of the City of Minsk located at the crossing of Independence Avenue and Zakharau Street. It stands as a place of historical importance for people as Belarus, commemorating the deaths of millions of soldiers, working men and families during the Second World War. Victory Square is always bustling with tourists and locals. There are tour troupes parading through the area and newlywed couples getting photographed at the eternal flame. There are impressive 1950s architecture building at the square as well.

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